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1. The traveling in air reach 30 meters/minute ,the cutting speed can reach 25 meters/minute.
2. This machine adopts advanced DSP numerical control system .It has the characteristic of operating with the handle ,large screen display ,convenient operation and easy maintenance .It is designed with more human nature.
3. Unique intelligent calculation fully develop the pltential of the motor and lead to high speed processing ,and the synchronization of curves and straight lines. It can make the curves perfect.
4. Y axis adopts vacuum table.
5. Six districts vacuum table.
6. Professional 3D control system.
7. Equip 4.5kw spindle motor, vacuum suction table and dust collector ,It is mainly applicanble in the manufacture of furnitures and the wooden doors.

1)X,Y axis working area: 1,300 x 2,500mm
2)Z axis working area: 220mm
3)Table size: 1,480 x 3,000mm
4)Max. speed: 32,000mm/min
5)Max. working speed: 10,000mm/min
6)Working delicacy: 0.02mm
7)Reposition accuracy: 0.05mm
8)Max. feeding height: 250mm
9)Engraving Command: G code, u00, mmg, plt
10)Software: type3 software, Wentai software, Artcam software
11)Max. power consumption: 4.5kW
12)Spindle: 4.5KW variable speed, water cooled motor
Vacuum suction table, dust collector
13)Spindle speed: 24,000rpm
14)Work type: stepper
15)Weight: 1200kg
16)Working voltage: AC 380V, 50Hz
17)Memory: 128M
18)Manner of receiving data: USB
19)Running circumstance temperature: 0 - 45
20)Relative humidity: 30% - 75%
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