Samarium Cobalt Magnet

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Samarium Cobalt is an alternative to Neodymium-lron-Boron (NdFeB), as SmCo magnets can withstand much higher temperatures and are more corrosion resistant than NdFeB. Samarium Cobalt is more costly than NdFeB due to the market price sensitivity of Cobalt. SmCo is used in computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems and some motors.

Other sizes and grades of SmCo are available. Please consult us with your specifications and application requirements.

Common Applications: Satellite Systems - Linear Actuators - Computer Disc Drives - Sensors - Motors (where temporary stability is vital).
  • Energy products go up to 32 MGOe
    • 32 MGOe
  • used in high temperature
    • 350 Centigrade
  • RoHS Compliant
  • RoHS

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