RF Module Data transceiver FC-301/D

Product ID: FC-301/D

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Main Features :
Comply with CE: EN300086,FCC
Frequency rangers 70MHz
12.5kHz / 25kHz compatible
RF Output power programmable
Audio/ data compatible

Frequency Band : UHF/VHF
Channel Spacings:25KHz,12.5KHz programmable
RF Output Power:1W / 5W Programmable
Modulation type :16K0F3E ,8K5F3E
Intermediate Frequency: 45.1MHz&455KHz
Number of Channels:16
Frequency Source :Synthesizer
Operation Rating:Intermittent 5:5:90 ( TX: RX: Standby)
Power Supply:12.5V DC Nominal Voltage
Temperature Range
Storage:from -40蚓 to +80蚓
Operating:from -30蚓 to +60蚓
Current Consumption
Standby (Muted):
.High reliability and stability

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