Solar Charger Kit

Product ID: FRW-005

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  • Solar Charger Kit
    • 1. Meet emergent use: when you go outside and phone power is cut off, you can use your mobile phone by solar energy.
  • 2. Convenience: whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone in time, and you could talk with others when charging.
    • Solar Charger Kit
      • 3. High efficiency: charging 60 minutes, the charger could transfer the energy from the build-in battery to your mobile phone battery, and the energy can be used for talking for 100-150 minutes.
    • Solar Charger Kit
      • 4. Environment protect, Save resource: You can use solar energy to charge your mobile phone without any pollution by utilising unlimited solar resource.
    • 5. Modern and portable: Modern design, stainless steel case, small size, convenient to take with you.
      • Solar Charger Kit
        • 6. Safe use: Over voltage protection for the circuit and your mobile phone. Smart charge, safe use.
      • Solar Charger Kit Usage
        • Fits For: Mobile phone(standard accessory are four kinds of phone connector adaptor:NOKIA, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, SONY-ERICSSION,Mine USB) Digital camera,PDA,Mp3,Mp4(The battery capacity under 1200mAH)

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