Fully Automatic Nail / Button Fastening Machine

Product ID: FYD-366

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The machine adapts to attaching fout-claws mail (four-claws Pearl) to clothing,shoes and hats,handbag,handicraft,etc.It has
advantages of location by the laser irradiation, easy operation
and high efficiency.
suitable for all kinds of leather, fabric, plastic material and so on , garment , Shoes, Underwears, Label embroideries,T-shirts, Jeans, Belts, Bags, C-aps, Accessories,etc
1.For certain special shape 4-prong-nail fastening.
2.Capable of Setting all the times of Punch-Up & Down and interval time
3.Counting device to show work quantity and Reset function
4.Two operating functions-Auto and Manual functions In Auto function,if it's kept on pressing pedal it works continuously and in manual funcion,it needs to press pedalone by one to operate it .Easy operation system to be worked with novice Laser light points a work position so operator just needs to follow the light attachd with the machine
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    • Specification:
  • Power 220V,50/60Hz
  • Working pressure 5-6Kgs/cm
  • Work Speed 80Pcs/min
  • N.W. 43kg
  • Compressor Need 2 HP

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