Plastic Pipe extrusion machine (Single Wall Corrugated Pipe)

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Plastic Pipe extrusion machine (Single Wall Corrugated Pipe):

1. This line is mainly used to process nylon, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC into small diameter single corrugated pipe. Pipes are formed in one step through specialized moulds. Thus pipes are of smooth internal & outer surface and even corrugation.

2. The final pipes are available as protection pipe for wire and cable, drainpipe for washing machine and air-conditioner, gas hose for vacuum cleaner, and air vent, etc.

3. The Diameter of pipe is 10-50mm.

This whole line consists of the following parts.

A: Automatic Feeding machine

B: Twin or Single screw extruder

C: Forming Machine

D: Winder.
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