25C lithium battery

25C lithium battery

25C high rate battery

Product ID: lithium battery

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Key Features:

1. High energy density and extremely light

2. Up To 170Wh/Kg gravimetric & 370Wh/l volumetric energy density are available.

3. High design capability & size flexibility.

4. Long cycle life.

5. Over 500 charge/discharge under nominal operations.

6. For maximum discharge performance in high-rate discharge, discharge temperature range 20~30 is recommended.

7. Excellent high discharge rate

8. Continuous discharge rate up to 10-15C, burst discharge rate up to 15-20C

9. Extra-low internal impedance.

10. Superior leakage resistance and extremely safe.

Major Applications:

1. Air Soft Gun, Paintball Gun

2. RC Models, RC Airplane ,RC Car, RC Helicopter ,RC Hobby

3. Indoor Helis, Indoor UFP

4. Robot, Toys

5. Micro Slow Flyers, Park Flyers

6.3D airplanes Aerobatics

7. Wireless communication system

8. Electric Tools

9. Hospital instrument

10. UPS aero model

11. Military use
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