Gentiger Double Column High Speed CNC Milling Machining Center

Product ID: Gentiger GT-2516V

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Optimal Machine Structure
The model GT-2516V is a double column structurd design for high speed machining. The table is independently installed on the base and fully supported by 3 roller-type linear guideways through the entire stroke, assuring maximum accuracy and dependability. The columns are one-piece constructed for extra high rigidity.

Lifetime Accuracy
All castings are stress relieved and seasoning treated for long term accuracy and long service life.

Three Axes Linear guide Way
Roller type linear guide ways on three axes feature higher federate, resist heavier loads and ensure superior dynamic accuracy and a long service life. X-axis is equipped with 3 linear guide ways for superior rigidity.

Three axes are driven by powerful servo motors. Its strong power can reduce machining time for large molds and increase profitability.

Three axes feedrates:
Rapid feedrates 20/18/20 m/min.
Cutting feedrates 20/18/20 m/min.

Three axes are equipped with Heidenhain optical scales.

Positioning accuracy: 0.005/300 mm.

Repeatability: ±0.003 mm.

Cutter balance should be calibrated to within G2.5.
  • 3 Axis Travel
    • 2500 x 1600 x 700 mm
  • Spindle
    • 10,000 RPM
  • Other RPM also available
  • Controller
    • Siemens, FANUC or Heidenhain.
  • For other controllers, please call.
  • CE
  • ISO-9001

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