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The formation of the joint venture between Qingdao Huaxia Rubber Industry Co., Ltd and SBS has enabled the vast experiences of both companies to be brought into one sidewall belt supplier, GLOBAL SBS. Global SBS has advanced assembling production line based on hot vulcanization for sidewall and cleat assembling and computerised sidewall belt selection programme.

This company can make the sidewall belt selection in the consideration of the condition at site to offer most reasonable and economic belt

Even further Global SBS has the top production techniques and production management skills with the strict quality controlling system from raw material to product aiming at the best service for customer.

Bedsides domestic market in China, product of Global SBS is also supplied to Europe, America, Middle East and Asia pacific countries and areas, etc.

With daily increased demand from market, Global SBS will keep expansion of production scope and improve the production management to offer best delivery and excellent quality for market satisfactory.

With the benefit from the low cost and decades manufacturing experiences, we believe Global SBS will go for No 1 position in sidewall belt industry absorbing the world advance management knowledge.
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