Ceramic Roller

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GMI Ceramic Roller are produced under ISO9001 quality system and characterized by high-temperature and chemical stability and precision end-grinding. According to different working conditions and requirement, we provide various ceramic rollers for selection, S200 ceramic roller, with smooth surface and excellent thermal-resistance, is originally designed for glaze tile firing (including single firing, double firing and triple firing), while S400 and S600 ceramic rollers are characterized by high temperature and good thermal stability, that are suitable for ceramic products with firing temperature above 1200 oC, Basing on good performance, consistent quality and professional service, GMI Ceramic Rollers have been exported to more than 20 countries with good reputation.
GMI Ceramic Roller has the annual capacity of 1,200,000pcs,the outer diameter from 13 to 100mm,length up to 4800mm is available.
.dia.13-100mm, length upto 4800mm
  • S200 for max working temp. 1200 C
  • S400 for max working temp. 1300 C
  • S600 for max working temp. 1350 C