Cabinet hinge

Product ID: GP101

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furniture hinge, concealed hinge, cabinet hinge, door hinge, slide hinge (half overlay)

1) Guaranteed to open and close 50,000 cycles
2) Material: Iron, nickel plated
3) Antirust protection layer
4) Opening angle: 110 degrees
5) Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm
6) Depth of hinge cup:11mm

7)Hole pitch: 48mm
8)Dimension of door3----7mm

9)With tow holes and four holes plate
  • hinge cup
    • 35mm
  • depth of hinge cup
    • 11mm
  • Hole pitch
    • 48mm
  • Guaranteed
    • Open and close 50000 cycles
  • Material
    • Iron, nickel plated,stainless steel
  • Yes

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