diesel engine forklift

Product ID: CPCD30

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1. Full hydraulic steering system, can greatly reduce the fatigue of operator, uses crank sliding piece steering system, guarantees reliable steering and compact structure.
2. Digital intelligent driving control system can facilitate obtaining the operation data of forklift so as to achieve the whole-process control.
3. The gantry rail section design will be optimized , the interior width is enlarged so that the driver can enjoy a wide scope of eyesight.
4. The engine hood can open by 90°,and can be effectively supported with air spring so as to facilitate the inspection and maintenance.
5. The revolutionized flexible power steering structure. The front and rear connection axle is oval-shape design, the connection with the front frame is fixed by vibration shock absorber ,and the connection is changed from rigid to flexible so as to reduce the vibration of forklift.
6. Big arch design on the top of the ballast
7. The classical ASF YTO space frame structure,

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