Dehumidified Drying Loader

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Dehumidified Drying loader (RDC series) combine the function of dehumidifying,drying and two-stage conveying into one single unit (it is optional purchase for three-stage conveying),specified for the production of "hygroscopic engineer plastics" products,such as PA,PC,PBT,PET,ABS,PMMA etc.Under ideal conditions,a better honeycomb is optional to use so as to make dew point reach -50℃.The machine is characterized with nice appearance the patent for chain-wheel transmission design,advanced technology,reliable performance.It is an indispensable machine in the modern industry.

The characters of the machine:
1) European-design style,attractive appearance.
2) Up-to-date chain-wheel transmission design with more stable performance,long time using life.
3) Equipped with honeycomb rotor for getting more stable air drying.
4) Stainless and insulated drying hopper features air pipe down-blowing design.This improves drying efficiency,and reduces energy consumption while maintain a steady drying effect.
5) Adoped two condensers to ensure a low return air temperature and low dew point.
6) Equipped with material cut valve for conveying system to ensure no material remains in the material pipe.
7) Adopted P.I.D temperature controller,with over temperature protector,overload protection on motor,reverse phase protection on electric machine etc.
8) Closed-loop conveying system eliminates the possibility of moisture re-absorption during material conveying.
9) It is optional purchase for a dew point gauge,in order to monitor umidifying effect anytime.
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