screw/bolt making machine(heading machine 2D3B-0503)

Product ID: 2D3B-0503

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1. Used as one die two blow machine, two die three blow machine (including the function of
two die four blow former), screw drawing machine, hollow rivet making machine.
2.Unique and patent technology of non-clamp blank feeding design resolves the clamping
problems of the products like big head and short/small body screw, complicate mini screw.
3.Unique and patent technology of whole and stable punch lifting system resolves the
problem of un-stability of the lifting system.
4.Flexible punch holder adjustment design, simple adjustment and easy to operate.
Range of products:
Ordinary screw, hexagon head screw, hexagon with washer screw, step screw series, precise screw series, axle series parts, close series drawing screw, open series drawing screw, hollow rivet and other series.
.precise design,competitive price