DAHAN Laser Engraving Machine

Product ID: DH-D1

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Technical Parameter

Size(W、L、H) 1000x1080x1380mm

Max Cutting Size(X、Y) 870x580mm

Weight 128Kg

Laser Power 40W/60W

Resolution 0.025mm/step

Location Precision ?.01/300mm

Gross Power 500W

Cutting Speed ≤200mm/s

Engraving Speed 0-1000mm/s

Environment Temperature 5-35蚓

Source Power AC220v/50Hz

Cooling Way Industrial Circulating Cooling
  • Advanced Movement Mechanical System
    • Adopts the way of uniform transmission design, stable running can be remained even under large-scale, heavy-load and high speeding processing condition.
  • High-speed & High-efficiency
    • Engraving speed can reach above 10000mm/s,cutting and hollowing speed can reach 1500mm/s, Which make working efficiently increased a lot.
  • Perfect Exhausting System
    • Due to heavy smoke in processing the cloth, our laser machines are equipment with upper and nether exhausting system to improve working environment effectively.
    • Adopt linear movement guide, which can insure the precision of laser like before after long time working. And the feature of steeliness guide increase double in resisting impact and wear. The equipment of laser wears well.
  • All the parts of movement and transmission use advanced international fitting technology and processing center, That can be ensure consistency and accuracy of transmission.
    • Optic System
      • Optic lens adopt high strong imported gilt silicon pieces and non-sphere focus lens, so the lens can bear rubbing and high temperatures. No need to replace lens frequently. It is greatly to reduce the use cost. The focus focalize diameter of the non-sphere very small, so the laser tube can process most incising capability at the condition of using same laser power.
    • All optic mirror frames according to international optic standard structure and adopting machinery process center. Steadily optimized structures, simple adjusting and easy maintain
      • Movement and Circuitry System
        • Adopt professional CNC controlling system, with high cutting speed, smooth and stable movement. Modularized and standard uniform design, simple installment and strong antijamming ability. It is Convenient to overhaul and replacing fittings, which have qualified for CE product certification.
      • Cooling System
        • The laser water-cooling system adopts forcible water-cooling or the way of refrigeration, Strong functions of temperature controlling and lacking water alarm ensure that laser can be worked continuously.
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