Laser Hair Removal Device

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Laser Hair Removal Device
*Equipped with super tiny nm (nanometer) carbon penetrated skin,carbon laser can accelerate collagen albumen reorganization,meanwhile,this kind of technology can remove extra fat and recover elasticity,shrink pores and skin-tightening.
*Long pulse laser get obvious treatment result.
*Safety and non -invasion,no bleeding,no pain,no adverse reaction and side effect.
*Simple&No Training .
The range of treatment:
*Promote facial tendering and whitening.
*liminate or lightening telangiectasia.
*Clean our lightening pigment spot.
*Amend tiny veins,enhance skin elasticity.
*Shrink pores.
*Remove blackhead.
Technical Parameters:
*Laser source:Nd:YAG
*Laser type: Q switch :1064NM&532NM
*Maximum output laser energy: 1000MJ
*laser pulsed width(Q switch):
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