Aluminum foil container making machine

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The HDHALCH-40 Alu-foil container production line is the perfect one to manufacture Alu-foil container, he can produce all kinds of container in you need, the container's quality accord to the International Environment Protect Standard. And it have a reasonable price! Our customer in Mainland, Middle East, etc.

Production line of aluminum foil containers:
Type 1 :HDHALCH-40 is a automatic feeding material +automatic 40 Tone press machine+great moulds+simplified collector(optional).The machine need 2 people to control ! The type wide use to produce the small or low deepness containers, 60-80pcs/min,have a higher efficiency and good quality !
Type2:HDHALCH-80 is a automatic feeding material +automatic 80 Tone press machine+great moulds+simplified collector(optional).And need 2 worker to produce,The type wide use to produce the big deepness containers,40-60pcs/min. with high pressure !
Type 3:HDHALCH, is a automatic feeding material +automatic 40/80 Tone press machine+great moulds+automatic collector(optional).It's a new product ,a complete automatic machine,just need 1 worker to control , fit for all kinds of containers as you need to produce !

Our advantages of the mould are long shelf life, stable quality, high precision, and reasonable design. With such advantages, the mould could realize the process of cutting, forming, plugging and rolling of aluminum foil wares in one step.
  • Aluminum foil container machine
    • We are the first company to provide the aluminum foil container machine in China on 2002!
  • automatic control system
    • The machine is a automatic system to control ,have a good quality for produce the all kinds of container !

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