Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve

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Product ID: DHF06-340-00

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Item: DHF06-34O-00
Product Name: Four Way Three Position (spool-type)

Dual Relief Valve: To protect both lines in a circuit from over pressurisation by relieving oil to other line for directional valve or motors.
DHF06-340-00 Solenoid Valve is provided which achieves the function of a Three-Position, Four-Way directional control valve and functions at high pressures with low leakage rates. In addition, the valve provides a cost effective and simplified configuration to additionally achieve the functions of a free-flowing forward check valve and a high pressure relief valve integrated with the directional control valve. The invention is directed towards providing a valve with low cost and a minimum penalty with regards to electrical power consumption.
Max. Working Pressure Flow Max. Size
240bar 12L/min 06

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