Hydraulic manifolds

Hydraulic manifolds

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Hydraulic manifolds

Product ID: Hydraulic manifolds

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Product Name: Hydraulic manifolds

Haihong Custom hydraulic Manifolds
Other than Cartridge valves, Haihong Hydraulics also manufacture standard and custom-designed hydraulic manifolds for integrated cartridge valves system.
We have experience in manifold design, manufacture and systems integration. But one of the most important things we've learned that is distinctly non-technical, is listening to the customers' needs. We will design the cartridge manifolds for you to approve and revise according to your requirement.

Custom manifolds packages
A custom hydraulic manifolds package include at least one cartridge valve in a hydraulic manifold. Usually, the manifold is custom designed for a specific application or function. The valve package may contain some or all of the control valving for a hydraulic system. Custom-designed hydraulic valve cartridges packages offer many advantages in mobile and industrial equipment. Such as Light weight and compact size, Leakage prevention, Efficiency for the system, Convenience and Serviceability, Aesthetics and Economy.

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