hydraulic Control valve

hydraulic Control valve

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Control valve

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Product Name: Control valve

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves are valves used mainly within industrial plants to control operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, flow, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from controllers that compare a "setpoint" to a "process variable" whose value is provided by sensors that monitor changes in such conditions.
Hydraulic control valves can be divided as Pressure control valve, Flow control valve, and Directional control valve by function

Haihong Control valves
Haihong Hydraulics' screw-in cartridge valves have covered all range of control valves.

1.Cartridge Pressure Control Valve
. Cartridge Relief Valves (safety Relief Valve, Cylinder relief Valves, Bi-directional Relief Valves, differently operated, diagram pressure relief valve, operated pressure relief valve, surge relief valve?
. Cartridge Sequence Valve
. Pressure reducing Valves
. Cartridge Counterbalance Valve
. Cartridge load-control valves

2.Cartridge Directional Control Valve
(A directional valve will control which device the fluid will flow to. These valves are the primary devices used to sequence the motion of equipment. There are many different types of directional control valves.)
. Check Valves (Reverse, Tubular, Hydraulic Operated are available)
. Cartridge Pilot-operated check Valves
. Directional Valve (Magnetic, Manual, Mobile type are available)
. Cartridge Solenoid Valve (2,3,4 way, 2,3 position)

3.Cartridge Flow Control Valve
(In the case of flow control valves, a distinction is made between those affected by viscosity and those unaffected. Flow control valves unaffected by viscosity are termed orifices. Throttles constitute resistances in a hydraulic system.)
. Cartridge Throttle Valve
. Divider/Combiner valve
. Cartridge Flow regulating Valve
. Electro- Cartridge directional, flow, and pressure controls,
. Specialty valves - such as shuttle valves and velocity fuses.

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