Counterbalance Valve

Counterbalance Valve

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Counterbalance Valve

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Item: PF16GG-00
Product Name: Counterbalance Valve

Haihong hydraulics' Counterbalance Valve
Haihong hydraulics has two types Counterbalance valves:
Screw-in Hydraulic counterbalance valve, Size from 08 to 16, Flow from 38LPM to 230LPM
and Bi-directional Counterbalance Valves, Size from 08 to 20,Flow from 38LPM to 140LPM
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About Counterbalance Valve
The counterbalance valve is applied as a 'brake valve' on relatively small crane systems in order to get a positive control on a hydraulic cylinder or motor with a negative load.

Hydraulic counterbalance valves are old in the art and generally operate in hydraulic systems that develop pressure in the 3,000-10,000 PSI range. The usual function of a counterbalance valve is to control hydraulic flow to and from a hydraulic cylinder that performs work on a load.

The counterbalance valve is normally located in the line between a directional control valve and the outlet of a vertically mounted actuating cylinder which supports weight or must be held in position for a period of time. This valve serves as a hydraulic resistance to the actuating cylinder. For example, counterbalance valves are used in some hydraulically operated forklifts. The valve offers a resistance to the flow from the actuating cylinder when the fork is lowered. It also helps to support the fork in the UP position. Counterbalance valves are also used in air- launched weapons loaders. In this case the valve is located in the top of the lift cylinder. The valve requires a specific pressure to lower the load. If adequate pressure is not available, the load cannot be lowered. This prevents collapse of the load due to any malfunction of the hydraulic system.

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