Various Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer

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"Ultrasonic transducer" is commonly known as "ultrasonic oscillator" or "ultrasonic oscillator." Used for ultrasonic cleaning industry, known as the "ultrasonic cleaning transducer."
The ultrasonic cleaning transducer usually adopts horn-type composite oscillator structure (belonging to Langevin oscillator structure), which consists of front and rear metal cover, piezoelectric ceramic chips, pre-stressed screw, electrode slice, and insulating sleeve. Imposed by appropriate pre-stress, the transducer has good mechanical and electrical conversion efficiency under high power and large-amplitude conditions.
It is through the ultrasonic vibration-wave of the transducer occurring cavitations in the water and generates high-pressure vacuole to impact the cleaning materials, so as to achieve an excellent cleaning effect.
A. low resonance impedance
B. high Q mechanical value
C. high efficiency of mechanical and electrical transforming
D. good hot staility
E. low calorific capacity
F. good consistency of frequency and static capacitance
G. large amplitude, high vibration speed.

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