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Product ID: HT1101/1102/1103

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KVM EXTENDER includes local transmitter and remote receiver.Though Cat5e cable local transmitter can send signal of video, keyboard and mouse(or other KVM switch singal) to remote receiver, and in remote monitor can display VGA video and control computer.The max transmission distance is up to 150/300/500metres. (1024X768/85hz-3db)
Product characteristic:
1. Extents signal of mouse, keyboard and VGA video up to 150metres.
2. Good image quality and perfect anti-jamming.
3. Provides a set of KVM port on the local transmitter for local user
4. Use a piece of UTP cable (CAT5,CAT5E,CAT6) to connect transmitter and receiver, and the cost is low.
5. Supports VGA video extending, and bandwidth as high as 350m
6. Support mouse, keyboard and display hot plug (P/S2 port mouse and keyboard).
7. Has the keyboard and mouse simulation function, you can couple in and unplug Keyboard and mouse any time.
8. Support DOS, Windows, NT, Linux system.
9. No need a driver, it is easy to install.
10. Transmits audio and VGA video signal without delay.
11. Supports VGA resolution up to 1024 x 768
  • QTY
    • Quantity of equipment : Transmitter x 1/Receiver x 1
  • Dimension
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 80mm X 60mm X 22mm
  • Used cable
    • Cable: CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6,CAT6e etc.
  • Index I
    • Differential gain: < 0.05%
  • Differential phase: < 0.05o
  • SNR(weighting ): 90dB
  • Maximum bandwidth: 350M
    • Index II
      • Input impedance: VGA video 75Ω,VGA synchronism 4.7KΩ,
    • Input level : VGA video 0.7Vpp , VGA synchronism TTL
    • Working temperature : -25℃ ~ +75℃
    • Relative humidity: 0~ 95%(Non-condensing)
    • Maximum resolution : 640X48 to 1920X1440
  • CE/Rohs

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