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Powell lenses is one kind of optical ruling lens ,Xian LingyuekejiLTD.CN supply powell lenses that divergence angle from 10° to 90°,the standard have 30°、45°、53°、60°、70°、85°、90°。
When 1 mm laser bean get through the Powell lenses ,it is optimized , transformed a line which is uniform,stability,straight 。Lineation by Powell lenses is better than aspheric lensse ,as by powell lense can cancelling central hotspot of Gaussian beams and fade-Marginal distribution 。
applied range
 laser scriber
 machining -position by makeing
 building- graticule by makeing
 laser scanning system
customs can order by index following
 divergence angle
 work distance
 beam wavelength or beam diameter
 width of lineation
divergence angle materials
30° BK7
45° SF6
53° BK7
60° SF6
70° SF6
85° SF6
90° SF6
divergence angle from 10° to 90°
additional:manufactu by customs demands

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