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  • PIR solar stairs light
    • Motion sensor light,
  • solar sensor light,
  • Outdoor solar light.
  • PIR solar sensor light
  • Setting in stairs and the wall can not well direct get the sunshine;
  • Powered by amorphous silicon solar panel.
  • The Solar Light's Best Bits
  • Uses a solar battery so no wires are required, it's good for the environment and will work all year round
  • Bright white LED light
  • 8 metre lighting distance
  • 100 degree detection angle
  • 60 second illumination period
  • Never struggle to find keys again
  • Lock securely in place with a key
  • Simple installation
  • Portable so can be used as a standard light
  • Rain proof
  • 3-way switch - on/off/automatic
  • Can work in shaded areas (charge in sun once per week).
  • Solar Powered Security Light
  • Is the entrance or area around your home dark or badly lit? Do you struggle to find your keys in the evening? Perhaps you would feel safer when you come home late at night or when you go to the garage or take the rubbish out if you had a security light to lead the way? Or maybe you have an external garage that isn't wired up to electricity but you have always wanted an external light?
  • Whether it's a welcoming light for guests, a security light for you or a practical light to lead the way and help you find your keys, our Solar Sensor Light delivers a fantastic solution. The Solar Sensor Light turns on automatically when motion is detected and off after 1 minute. And the best bit? Its battery is powered solely by sunlight, so no wires are required, making it ideal for emergency use as you can rely on this practical chap all year round.
  • Simple to Install
  • Securely bolt your solar-powered motion Sensor Light above your garage, porch or next to the front door with ease. Simply screw the bracket to the wall, slide the light onto the bracket and then lock in place with the supplied key.
  • This fantastic design means you can remove your solar light for cleaning, or if your chosen location is in the shade, you can unlock the light and place in direct sunlight once a week to recharge and then lock back in place.
  • The infrared sensor has a 100 degree detection angle, an 8 metre lighting distance and a 60 second illumination period. And when fully charged emits a super bright LED light, which has almost the same power as that of a 60W standard light bulb!
  • The Solar Light's Specification
  • Box Includes:
  • 12Pcs LED light
  • Solar Battery Li-ion 1 x AA 3.7V-1500mAh
  • Solar Panel Light Unit
  • 2 x Keys
  • Wall Bracket, Screws and Wall Plugs
  • Product Dimensions: (H)15.5cm x (D)15cm x (W)11cm
  • Box Dimensions: (L)20cm x (D)12cm x (W)12cm
  • Package Weight: 686g
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