Helicoil Screw Thread Inserts, Helicoil Thread Repair Kits

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We have a complete range of HeliCoil products from the following Helicoil manufacturers:

- Emhart Teknologies USA
- Bolhoff (Bollhoef) Germany
- Tsugami Corporation Japan

Our Helicoil Products include:

- Helicoil Screw Thread Inserts
- Helicoil Thread Repair Kits
- Helicoil Installation Tools
- Helicoil STI Taps
- Helicoil Gauges
- Helicoil Power Tools
  • Helicoil Wire Thread Inserts
    • Insert types include free running, screw lock (thread locking), tangless, and Twinserts in various materials & platings
  • Helicoil Thread Repair Kits
    • Standard, master, professional/single size, workshop/range kits, spark plug, hobby, & after-market thread repair kits
  • Helicoil Power Tools
    • Electric & Pneumatic power tools. Power tool holders, which can be clamped to the work bench, are also available.
  • Helicoil Installation Tools
    • Mandrel, prewinder, slotted head, heavy duty, & flyover types.
  • Helicoil Thread Plug Gauges
    • Go/No Go thread plug gauges in various classes of fit such as 4H/5H/6H & 2B/3B.

Main Products

Helicoil Screw Thread Inserts, Repair Kits, Ensats, Bollhoff Rivnuts