LCD Advertising Player

Product ID: HXADP-15001

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With 10.4inch TFT LCD screen, toughened glass on the LCD screen.
With novel and smart cabinet design.
Support MPEG1, MPEG-2, VOB, JPG and MP3 formats file.
Don't need computer and DVD player, the device can play a continuous loop of visual and audio messages, with build-in speaker.
With OSD menu display.
Operate easily, and with IR remote function.
With safety lock function to avoid someone take away the Compact FLASH card.
Support Compact FLASH Card, with CF card slot. To change a new set of advertisements, you may simply change the memory card. The capacity of the card can be selected from 8MB to 2G.
Just copy movie clip files into the CF card on computer.
All digitized, no wear and tear, vibration-proof and extremely reliable.
It can be used as an information machine or an advertisement display screen in chain stores, supermarket and public areas. Not only improve sale, but also can upgrade the impression of your stores. Nothing gets closer to the customer, or to the sale, than this player.
  • Size
    • 380x300x40mm
  • TFT LCD screen
    • 15inch
  • Weight
    • 4.5kg
  • Power input
    • DC12V
  • Consumption
    • 30W

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