Powder Packaging Machinery

Product ID: DXDF-500/1000/2000

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The machine is widely applied for food, pharmaceutical and products in mesh size range from 120 to 400,such as milk powder, soya powder ,cosmetic powder, sliming tea and medical powder & etc.
  • Model
    • DXDF-500 DXDF-1000 DXDF-2000 DXDF-4000
  • Packing speed
    • 15-60 bags/min
  • Measurements(ml)
    • 50-100ml 100-1000 200-2000 400-4000
  • Bag length(mm)
    • 80-240 80-300 100-250 120-300
  • Bag width(mm)
    • 50-180 80-200 100-250 120-300
  • 1
    • Control system with Chinese, English and Russian display screen, stainless steel body.The control system will automatically optimize and match the action, thus achieving best packaging speed. Controlled by step motor ,the system features with high precision and the length of bag can be accurately changed without adjusting other parts .It achieves complete logo when packaging color mark packing materials.
  • 2
    • The paper feeding part applies dead-weight motor paper pressing and conveying length is extended one time ,with flat bag making and no side miss location .The speed and length of bag achieve stepless adjustment; the packaging speed and lengthof bag can be adjusted in rated range without replacing parts.
  • 3
    • The upper and lower rotating plate applies automatic adjustment by screw,thus enable the packaging machine to achieve measuring adjustment during working ;
  • 4
    • Unique in-laidembbed mouth sealing ,enhanced hot sealing mechanism,intelligent temperature control by controller ,featuring find heat balance ,find packaging performance,low noise.clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.
  • 5
    • Rotating roller knife bag cutting mechanism: achieveing I-shapestraight line-shaped cutting,pattern cutting and straight line-shaped continous cutting, the cutter features stable and relible with easy operation in cutting bag.

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