Granule Packaging Machinery

Product ID: DXDK-1000B

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The machine is widely used to pack any loose,non-cohesive,granule products of the food,pharmaceutical, and chemical industries,such as soup mix,coffee,instant drink mix,monosodium glutamate.rice,salt,sugar,oal meal,detergent powder & etc.
  • Capacity 20-60 bags/min
    • Measurement 150-1000 ml
  • Bag size (L)80-300mm (W)50-
    • Voltage 380V/50Hz 220V/50-60Hz
  • Dimensions (L)730*(W)1000*(H)
    • Packing material Paper/pe,Pet/al,Foil/pe,Nylon/pe,tea-leaf filtering paper&ect
  • 1
    • Applying PLC control,after the parameters(filling amount and length of bag)are set at the display setting unit,the control system will automaticlly optimize and match the action,thus achieving best packaging speed,
  • 2
    • Reliable and stable dual light source photoelectric check system,assuring complete logo of the packing bags.
  • 3
    • 3)Hot seal dual and intrlligent tempreture control
  • 4)With different filling mechanism for packaging powder,granule,liquid and sauce etc.
    • 5
      • 5)Lapel type bag making mechanism,flat and beautiful abd back sealing pillow bags,wide application.

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