(HRD-093)Stamping part,Metal sheet part,stamped part

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Product name: stamping parts
Place of origin: Qingdao, China
1) We specialize in stamping parts ,stamping die, sheet metal moulds, including the progressive mould. We had export some progressive moulds to Japan, Italy, Iran.
2)The stamping parts are related to home appliance, auto parts, electronic products, and so on.
3)ISO9001:2000 certified by SGS.
Mould material: SKD11,SKD61, Cr12Mov,1Cr18Ni9Ti, V10, and so on.
We accept the following file types of inquiry:
Pro/E Solidworks UG AutoCAD Adobe Acrobat
.dxf .pdf .x_t .stp .igs .prt
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