high frequency induction heating machine

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Detailed Product Description
It is mostly used in the manufacture of Hi-Fi and TV speakers, home appliances,
toys, automobile and machinery parts, stationery, cosmetics containers and packaging
products.It can also be used in heat treatment such as hardening, solderingand brazing.
Features :
1. With high frequency up to 200KHZ.
2.IGBT module and Inverting technologies of third generation been used; Higher reliability
and lower maintenance cost.
3.100% Duty cycle, continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.
4.Constant current or constant power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher heating efficiency;
5.Display of heating power and heating current and oscillating frequency;
6.Simple to install, Installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily.
7.Can heat up a metal article almost instantly.
8.Noiseless operation can improve the working environment.TV and telecommunication devices would not be interfered.
9.No direct contact with the article is required for instant heating uniformly or restrictively to a certain part of the article.
10.Heat treatment can also be done.
11.Pneumatic driven press head for easy operation.
12.Given the water cooling system, the useful life of both the machine and the mould
can be greatly lengthened. Custom made moulds and jigs are available.

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