Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Model Ultrasonic power Size of internal Overall sizeHE-3012R 600W 400*320*300 2250*630*1198HE-3018R 900W 410*360*350 2350*670*1248HE-3024R 1200W 480*390*440 2560*700*1300HE-3030R 1500W 560*410*480 2800*710*1378Features:1) First grade ultrasonic cleaning2) Second grade ultrasonic cleaning3) Smoke bathing4) Refrigeration and drying5) Distills and recycles 6) The series has adopted incombustible solvents such as trichloro ethylene and trichloro ethyl chloroformate7) The series is suitable for high cleaner and precision part cleaning, being assembled with two ultrasonic grooves. The smoke groove is suitable for high denseness cleaning while the distill recycle groove is suitable for long time cleaning and recycling 8) With full stainless structure9) With liquid temperature heating and automatic constant temperature system, it is used for fast speed cooling and drying10) The solvent is able to recycle

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