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Grade 80/100 produced on WAFIOS machinery
  • Grade 80 chains
    • Chain is 100% proof tested to 2x the Working Load Limit.
  • GRADE 80 is a high strength, heat treated ALLOY CHAIN that is primarily used as a lifting sling component for OVERHEAD LIFTING, Specially using in chain slings, but can also be used in rigging and tie down applications where a lighter weight, high strength chain is desirable.
  • Working Load Limit is based on single leg Grade 80 alloy sling, when utilizing Grade 80 or below
  • Boron Steel
    • • Produced from a super high quality alloy steel that allows for an increase in working load limit of 25% as compared to a similar chain in grade 80
    • SAE 8620
      • this wire rod is used exclusively for our European customers
    • Induction Heating
      • • Special induction heat treatment process that maximize strength and increase the elongation characteristics
    • ISO 9001
      • • Complete traceability due to unique trace code
    • • Manufacturing approved by ISO 9001-2000

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