Industrial aluminum bottle ALA881000

Product ID: ALA881000

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Industrial aluminum bottle
Particular Parameters:
Plain Bottle Item No. : ALA881000
Coated bottle Item No. : ALA881000-C
Capacity : 1000ml (33oz)
Bottle Diameter : 88mm (2.64")
Bottle height without cover: 240mm (7.20")
Bottle height with cover : 245mm (7.35")
Bottle packing : 86pcs/carton
Carton Size : 790x420x485 (mm)
Cap Packing : 1000pcs/carton
Carton Size : 650x550x650 (mm)

Processes And Applications:
*One-piece bady in minumun 99.5% pure aluminum
*White tamper evident PP screw cap
*Internal neck diameter 28mm (1.10")

*FDA approved epoay phenolic inner coating
*Colored caps and threads can base on the client (Minimum applies)
*Colored bottles can case on the client (Minimum applies)

Aluminum bottles can be used for pesticide , chemcial produce , essental oils , flavors bottle , solvents and related products , active ingredients , ect.....

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