Telephone Network Alarm System

Product ID: HT-110B-6

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 8 wireless defense zones, among which 2 are compatible with wired defense ones. The system has keyboard and it can store 7 groups of telephone numbers with 26 figures.
 You can prerecord the alarm language segments by yourself and reply it. And this system will inform you of the alarm information with this prerecorded alarm language for your rapid and correct action
 With the function of Exterior Line Test, the system will send you the indication every 60 seconds to inform you that there is line break once the local telecommunication line was cut off.
 The wireless detector can automatically match code with the host by built-in code-matching button.
 There are two arming modes (Arm Away and Arm Stay) available for your selection.
 You are allowed to arm/disarm/emergency arm the host by remote control
 All the alarm callings are prior to others when the line is engaged.
 Humanistic design and one-button key make all the operation easy.
 This system can be equipped with low-consumption wireless infrared detectors or wireless magnetic contact to achieve comprehensive monitoring and alarm.
 With the external siren interface, it can be connected with high decibel siren to enlarge the alarm whistle. And there are two alarm volume (high volume/mute) options for you.
 There are the standard wired interfaces for wired detectors/magnetic contacts.
 It can work in both AC and DC power, and built-in capacity chargeable backup battery (optional) can supply power to it when AC power failure.
 It is compatible with ADB Contact ID communication protocol.(optional)
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