(Rotary-Type) High-Speed YAG Laser Marking Machine(PEDB-150)

Product ID: PEDB-150

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Performance Features

1)Taking YAG lamp-pumped solid laser device as the light source,2D fast-speed scanning lences is swing as the scheduled angles under the controling of the computer . The laser focus on the surface of the work piece by F-θlences to form images and realise marking and graph processing.

2)It has the longest application time and the most extensive usage areas and is the most mature technology at present.

3)By adding rotation controling system on the basis of PEDB-100, it can mark on the column-shaped and taper-shaped work piece.

4)By using fast-speed scan lens, it can scan the graph in shortest time & finish fine marking process.

5)It can configure auto clamp and production line as Users requirements

6)User can mark data, series number & bar code automatically.

7)User can share & communicate the data with other equipments online.

1) Laser Optical System: (L*W*H): 24*128*120cm
2) Controlling Cabinet (L*W*H): 59*56*80cm
3) Water-cooling Machine: 54*70*90cm
4) Net weight: 440Kgs
5) Gross Weight:450 Kgs
  • Technical Data
    • Max output power: 50W
  • standard marking range: 110 mm*110mm
  • Application scope and material
    • Automobile parts : pistons, piston rings, gears, shafts, bearings, clutch, lights
  • electronic components : resistance, capacitance, chips, printed circuit boards, such as the keyboard.
  • CE

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