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Shuangma Rubber Manufacturing Ltd is an experienced manufacturer in China that has been in the lines of rubber conveyor

belt for 18 years. If you want to get high quality and competitive prices, I believe we can meet your kind requirements.

Take this opportunity, we are glad to list our competitive products to you:

1. Multi-ply fabric conveyor belt, EP, NN, CC;

Maximum width 2000mm, and RMA1,RMA2,N17,M24,DIN x, DIN y, DIN Z,......
many standards can be available.

2. "v" Chevron Conveyor belt;
Chevron height 5mm.

3. Acid/Alkali/Heat Resistant conveyor belt;

4. Endless belting.

We qualified the ISO9001:2000,and have exported the beltings to more than 20 countries.

Welcome to further browse our website which offers detailed specification information and much more.
  • length
    • 100m,200m,....general length
  • quality standard
    • DIN X,DIN Y,DIN W,DIN Z,N17,M24,RMAI,RMAII,......all are accessible
  • wear loss
    • according to the client's
  • width
  • ISO9001:2000

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