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1. Hot stamping foil(hot coding foil) is used on coding machine to print Batch Number(Production date/Expiry date) or Code on Paper, Leather, Plastic film, Plastic covered film, AL films and label etc, such as Packaging Bags of Frozen food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmacy etc.

2. Temperature range: 100-180 Degree

3. We are the manufacturer of hot stamping foil and hot ink roller. We get the ISO9001, and we also get the Corporate Technology Innovation Award.

Type: FR
Specifications: 25mm*122m 30mm*200m 35mm*144m 50mm*100m
Temperature range: 80-110 Celsius
Characteristic: High sensitivity

Type: FC2
Specifications: 18mm*100m 25mm*122m 30mm*100m 50mm*100m
Temperature range: 100-180 Celsius
Characteristic: Excellent adhesive and font

Type: FC3
Specifications: 20mm*100m 28mm*200m 35mm*100m 40mm*100m
Temperature range: 120-180 Celsius
Characteristic: Low viscosity and good font

Type: SCF900
Specifications: 25mm*100m 30mm*144m 500mm*3000m 25mm*183m
Temperature range: 100-180 Celsius
Characteristic: Low viscosity and low temperature, Resistant scrapped

Other specifications and colors can be produced, according to the technical parameters

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hot stamping foil