desert cooler for hot and dry districts

desert cooler for hot and dry districts

Desert Air Coolers

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Desert Cooler/Middle East evaporative air cooler is popular in commercial/residential houses.

Durable metal casing,.Covers 15-30sq.m with low electicity consumption.large coverage area, high wind pressure,and affordable price.

Portable Evaporative Air Coolers are the perfect cooling solution for many spot cooling needs. Evaporative coolers combine the natural cooling process of evaporating water and ahigh velocity air blower to deliver naturally cooled air. Hot outsideair is pulled through a wetted pad.The water in the pad evaporates cooling the hot air and delivering naturally cooled air back to the room

· Airflow from side, made in electrophoretic metal, stainless.
· Centrifugal fan with quite low noise,
· Centrifugal fan,large air pressure and quiet
· Three speeds for optional
· Auto or manual water supply.
· Pump protection system against water shortage
· Optional function: Ventilation or water cooling.
· Very suit for used in garage, barbeque, coffee cafe,

Model A3/S3
Cooling area(m2) 15-30
Power(kw) 0.135/0.185
Phase 1
Speed 3
Fan type(impulsor) Axial/ centrífugal
Noise 63db
Dimension (mm) 560×560×700
Water tank(l) 30
Water consumption(l/h) 10-12
Net weight(kg) 27/30
Gross weight(kg) 29/32
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  • ISO
  • SASO
  • ETL

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