stainless steel structure, mirror polished

stainless steel structure, mirror polished

stainless steel tankd, storage tank, mixing tank, conical fermenter, milk chilling tank, emulsifying tank, jacketed kettle


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Hangzhou Haishun Pharmaceutical Machinery CO.,LTD specialize in manufacturing various stainless steel tank, these tanks are widely used in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and brewery industry etc as mixing tank, storage tank, fermenter, milk tank and so on. The tank can be made of single-layer, dual-layer(jacket), and three-layer(external cladding) according to customer’ practical damands.
The transition eare of the interiol wall on the stainless steel tank and the joints all are mirror polished to ensure on dead angle. Customers can choose the material, (stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316) according their own specific requirement.
  • mixing tank
    • Mixing tanks are widely used in food, diary, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry etc.
  • Mixing tanks are made of stainless steel, customer can choose the structure (the single-layer, the double-layer and the three-layer) or the limpet coil(internal or external) according to their demands. All the joints and interior surface are mirror polished to avaiding dead angle and cleaned easily. It is meet the sanitary standard.
  • In addition, customer can also choose the the mixer (the paddle mixer, advancing side blender and vertical mixer) according to their own specific specification.
    • conical fermenter
      • We can supply Sanitary Stainless steel home brew pot. The brew pot Includes thermometer and stainless ball valve as standard, designed specifically for home brewing batch sizes (5gal to 30 Gal) . Tubular spot-welded handles are strong for making carrying easier and the lid stores neatly on the pot handle. Has a threaded port for thermometer. Has ball valve, 3/8" drain hole.
    • We can also make the brew pots according to your special demands.
    • We can supply Sanitary Stainless steel home brew fermente
      • milk chilling tank
        • HS milk cooling tank is mainly used in preserving and storing fresh milk. It fully adopts the international advanced technology with the imported European Maneurop (non-fluorine) and safety protection system.. It is the ideal cooling and storing equipment for pasture, milk station, milk factory, and food and beverage industry factories
      • emulsifying tank
        • HS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is specially designed by introducing foreign updated technology and on the basis of ointment-making techniques for processing cosmetics and ointment. It is composed of pretreatment boiler, vacuum emulsifying mixer boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, tilting system, and electric control system, etc.
      • heating and cooling tank
        • Applicable range:
      • Used as liquid storage tank, liquid mixing tank, temporary storage tank and water storage tank etc. Ideal in fields such as food and diary industry, beverge industry, pharmacy industry, chemical industry and biological engineering etc.
      • Structure characteristics:
      • 1.Adopt structure of internal tank, jacket and outer layer.
      • 2.Materials are all sanitary stainless steel.
      • 3.Humanied structure design and easy to operate.
      • 4.Transitin eara of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead cormer of sanitation.
  • storage tank
    • Hangzhou Haishun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd can supply single-layer, dual-layer and three-layer stainless steel liquid storage tanks. Such as, water storage tank, acid storage tank, oil storage tank, beverage storage tank, liquid food storage tank, milk storage tank and so on. These tanks are widely used in food, beverage, pharmacy, chemical and processing industry. Materials are all stainless steel structure. Humanized design and easy to operate. All the joints and interior surface is mirror polished to avoiding dead corners. Which cleanable to sanitary standards (e.g. FDA, USDA standards).
  • jacketed kettle
    • This equipment is used widely for pharmacy, food and chemical industry to cook, boil or concentrator according to client requirement. It has the hot steam and electrical heating sources. Also it can add the agitator and cover. All depend on clients. This equipment consist of boiler body, stir device, tilting system, worm wheel and worm rod and the boiler body can be rotated within 180 degree. All the materials in contact with media used stainless steel featuring good anticorrosion and durability which are in accordance with GMP standard. We can also make the jacketed kettle or jacketed boiler according to your special demands.
  • agitating tank
    • It is widely applied in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries Our mixing tank can make according to customer's requirement for the structure, single-layer ,double-layer(jacket) and three-layer(insulation layer) or make limpet coil(inside or external ) to heat and cold. The series of SS. Mixing tanks are made of stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316L). All joints and inside is mirror finished without any dead angle and cleaned easily. It consists of inner vessel, jacket and insulation with the configurations of agitator, CIP hole, Manhole, sight glass, thermometer etc.
  • We can also manufacture the tanks according to your special specification.
    • milk chilling tank
      • This system can cool large area of the inside vessel surface,ultilizing the automatic computer control system to observe and operate, which can quickly lower the temperature to 4 and keep this constant temperature, which prevent the growth of the germs. The refrigeration compressor unit shows good performance and energy-saving European Maneurop Dan Foss compressor, equipped with the creditable midpoint protector that will prevent the equipment from burn out caused by over-loading or system fault. The heat preservation layer utilized the new technique of the anti-aging polyurethane foam; it owns the brilliant characteristics of heat insulation. The body of the tank (vessel) is made of high quality stainless steel material 304, equipped with automatic cleaning ball and mixing system
    • cip system
      • Full name of CIP system is cleaning in place. It can be used as a resolution with less instruments, due to its easily operation and safely automatic cleaning system. So it recommended by all the food drinks and medicine processing industries.
    • The CIP system can not only clean the medicine, but also control the microoganism.

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