3 gallon, 5 gallon filling line (3 gallon, 5 gallon water washing, filling and capping monobloc)

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Detailed Product Description The 5 gallon barrel filler includes the washer, filler and capper for the production of 5&3 gallon barreled drinking water. The washing process include alkali liquid inside and outside washing by dirty remover. Inside and outside washing by disinfectant fluid, inside and outside washing by pure water, the alkali and disinfectant fluid can be used cyclically. The whole washing, filler and sealing process is controlled by PC, and has the safe device for interlock, signal and self-detection. The whole unit is made of the stainless steel, meets the demands of food hygiene, with the feature of reasonable structure, easy in operation, exact action, its the ideal equipment for the barreled water. This 5 gallon barrel filler (QGF300) information: The washing head: 2*12 The filling head: 2 The capping head: 1 The others 5 gallon filling machine is as following: Models and Capacities: QGF-120: 120B/h QGF-240: 240B/h QGF-300: 300B/h QGF-600: 600B/h QGF-900: 900 B/h QGF-1200:1200B/h
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  • ISO9001

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