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Product ID: H-128/H-129

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1 Safe Caution
1.1.Please fix the safe before use.
1.2.Please modify the Master Password before use.
1.3.Please keep well the mechanical keys attached with the safe, and do not hand it to the guest or leave it inside the same safe.

2 Feature
2.1.Solidly safe body:
2.2.Convenient to use:
2.3.Different level management:
2.4.Much more safety:

3 Lock and Unlock the safe
3.1.Unlock the safe with mechanical key
Take off the cylinder cap (use special hook); insert the mechanical key; turn 90駥lockwise; the door opened; turn 90駮nti-clockwise of the mechanical key and pull out the mechanical key.
3.2.Lock the safe with Guest Password
In unlocking state, close the door and press the door, input 1to 9 digits as your password, press "#", the safe is locked, and display "CLOSED".
Example: press "112233"℃ press "#", ℃the safe is locked ℃display "CLOSED".
  • Convenient to use
    • Solidly safe body:
  • Convenient to use:
  • Different level management:
  • Much more safety:
  • CE

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