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Beijing Cheng Zhen Fang Handicraft Leather Ltd.located in China's capital - Beijing, is a company that manufactures handicrafts professionally. We mainly supply handicrafted shoes , custom made shoes,dressing shoes,wedding shoes, cheong-sam shoes,party shoes and more than 200 slap-up custom-made shoes. Besides these ,we still deal in bags, belts,etc. We have engaged in handcrafted shoes for nearly 10 years.We have handicraft expertses who ever provided services for politics and celebrities.We mainly supply handcrafted mans dressing shoes and lady wedding shoes, and produce limited about 3000 slap-up custom-made shoes.if you willing to order these shoes,please contact us as soon as possible.
  • men's dressing shoes
    • different leather have different prices.we can make shoes according to the requirement of our clints.
  • party shoes
    • we have calfskin shoes for male.if you need a pair of genuine leather shoes,we can make it for you.
  • wedding shoes
    • our company can also make crocodile shoes for you,if you need a personalized footwear.
  • real silk qipao shoes
    • we can also make qipao shoes for bride.handmade,embroidery.
  • ostrich leather shoes
    • we have many types of leathers which could be chosen by customers.
  • handmade
    • completely handmade.
  • embroidery
    • we have many embroidery shoes

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