VoIP phone Ep-838

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price:$54/set weight:0.095kg
1. EP-838 is a low-priced IP telephone developed by HyberTone Company himself.
2. It is compatible with H.323 V4 and SIP V2, possessing single file of English letters and single file of digital LCD displayer and achieving full dulplex hands-free call.
3. When it is disposed into H.323, EP-838 can cooperate with GK and GW of most H.323.
4. It also has perfect H.450 protocol to complete all telecom value-added services such as call transfer, call forward, call waiting, etc..
5. Cooperating with soft exchange system, it can totally replace traditional PBX or KEY LINE PHONE.
6. It can also be used as LAN phone or hot-line phone.
7. When it is disposed into SIP, EP-838 can cooperate with most SIP system. Besides having popular g.723 and g.729, it can use low-priced GSM voice compression algorithms.

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