24 cavities hot runner perform mould

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We produce various of hot-runner Pet perform mould, normal long-tail mould, no-tail mould, self-lock mould etc. We develop and explore new structure perform mould completely independent. Cast aside old abuse to attain mould with high precision, low decent ration, long service life and standard accessory. We assurance the tolerance of the plate is less than 0.05mm, the weight error is less than 0.3g. 2-5 molds per minute. The life span can reach to 2,000,000. The mould can reach up to 48 cavity.

Using advanced design technique and prefect examination means as guarantee, we produce the mould with stability function, credibility quality, lightly quality, good strength, bear corrosion, long service life, also have a main characteristics as follows: healthy without poison, heat preservation, economize energy, convenience and credit installment, light quality, high strong and heat-proof, low pressure loss, recovery raw material. Therefore It has an extensive market foreground.

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