gauge sight glass

gauge sight glass

gauge glass (boiler sight glass, liquid indicator glass, borosilicate sight glass)

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Level Gauge Glass/reflex glass/transparent glass/sight glass
Its made from Borosilicate, it is used in lever gauge in boiler for water position. It is also named: Reflex Gauge Glass, Sight glass, Reflex Glasses, Reflex sight glass, Spares For level Gauge Glasses for liquid level gauges
  • Characters
    • --Made from special borosilicate, used in level gauge in boiler.
  • --High transparency, no inclusions, no internal striae, regular polarization & thermal shock resistance. size is according to requirements.
  • --Attention to paid for length, width, thickness and especially flateness tolerances essure the strict and definately tolerance value.
  • --With competitive prices and timely deliveries, good services to meet complete customer satisfaction.
  • --Working temperature: 260ºC; working pressure: 4.4-6.3Mpa
    • Size Available
      • Type: plain/transparent, reflex
    • 40 x 34(30) x 17mm 320 x 34(30) x 17mm
    • 280 x 34(30) x 17mm 250 x 34(30) x 17mm
    • 218 x 34(30) x 17mm 190 x 34(30) x 17mm
    • 165 x 34(30) x 17mm 140 x 34(30) x 17mm
    • 115 x 34(30) x 17mm.
    • ** Can be with gasket together.
    • Packing: each piece in a box and then in carton.
      • Round sight glass
        • Thickness: 10mm-25mm
      • Diameter: 50mm - 250mm
      • Pressure: 6 - 25 bar
      • Temperature: 250
      • Packing: Carton or wooden case.

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