Hangzhou Fancy Technology Development Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Fancy Technology Development Co.,Ltd are specialized in supply the 3D lenticular lens sheet materials, plastic packaging materials, various eye-catching 3D lenticular printing products, such as all lenticular stationeries, 3D promotional gifts, 3D business cards, greeting cards, post card, playing cards, magazine covers, CD or jewelry box covers, labels, hang tags, calendars etc. Decoration pringting products, large indoor and outdoor 3D lenticular advertisement posters, signboards, and 3D photography, etc.

The company is equipped with the state-of-the-art automatic extruding and printing production systems, which are imported from Germany, USA, Canada and so on. The company has CTP and CTF plate-making technologies, 6 sets of advanced printing equipment, 10 sets of prnting post-procedure equipment, and 30 sets of large and state-of- the-art sheet material extruding and shaping machines. With the most advanced equipment and the state-of-the-art technologies for 3D lenticular images and 3D anti-counterfeit products, the company is one of the biggest manufacturers for 3D lenticular lens sheet materials, smooth roll materials and 3D plastic materials in the world. The company uses the non-poisonous, harmless, recoverable and environment protecting raw materials to produce 3D lenticular lens sheet materials and smooth rolls materials with different size. With the technology of excellent 3D lenticular image and unique 3D anti-counterfeit, superior in the recoverable and environment protection, the vivid and eye-catching lenticular image products are widely used for advertisement and promotion items and 3D anti-counterfeit packages of liquor, cigarettes, cosmetic, medicines, mobile phones and other lenticular printing products, Our products are passed ISO9001:2000 and FDA certificated, and we will be qualified to supply our products and service to you in anywhere of the world, and meet your specific requirements very well

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