Fulcrum Racing Zero Wheel Set

Product ID: IBP-0572

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Racing Zero wheels are made to be stars - the revolutionary anodized red colour immediately confirms it. Impossible not to note them in the group. RacingZero wheels stand out but do so with style.

RacingZero wheels are positioned at the top of the Fulcrum aluminium range. The rims with a height of 26 mm are made by a special extrusion process which considerably thins the walls, giving a notable reduction of the overall weight, but without compromising strength. Further lightening has been carried out between the spoke anchoring points where there are no stresses. Thanks to the exclusive Fulcrum triple milling system. The rim bed has no holes, and this translates into higher torsional rigidity and vertical elasticity for the wheel.
The spokes 16 on the front wheel and 21 on the rear are in aluminium with a variable-section aerodynamic profile and tensioned by special Ergal nipples. Rear spoking are laced by doubling the spokes on the drive side, in accordance with the Fulcrum 2:1 Two-to-One spoking system This allows a more effective transmission of the drive torque and a more appropriate distribution of the wheel stresses.
The front wheel spoking, on the other hand, is radial to obtain better aerodynamics.
Hubs are oversized with aluminium body and axle and with adjustable high-precision bearings.