Handheld massagers

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1. Elegant and delicate as a beautiful swan, this product has been nickname as “swan massager”. Smart and humanized design gives it a flexible structure. Just enjoy flying like a swan when you massage.

2. The secure and innocuous silica gel massage head is comfortable for all parts of your body. The replaceable multi-functional massage heads could bring you diverse ways to massage.

3. The powerful percussion can penetrate the painful and tired muscle tissue, relieving your tiredness and making you relax as much as you like.

4. The infrared ray can go deep into the skin, stretch muscle, prompt blood circulation and abate the painful source caused by lactic acid.

5. Heating function provides warm and gentle current to eliminate the bacteria on the skin surface, stimulate the movement impulse of muscular cells, prompt the blood circulation and dispel the bruise while giving you a wonderful massage. As your body being warmed up, blood circulation in subcutaneous tissues will be accelerated, venting harmful substances and relieving soreness from the muscle.

6. Use it before exercise to warm up your body and use it after exercise to abate muscle tension and eliminate fatigue rapidly.

7. Two-speed massage setting. The low speed is used to ease muscle pain while the high speed stretches muscle. Choose either of them as you like.

8. Overheating protection device ensures your safety from any burn injuries while using the heating function.

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