HP200 Sphere Spectrophotometer

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HP200 portable sphere spectrophotometer, designed by Tsing Hua University, can measure the values of L, a, b.
  • Repeat accuracy
    • 0.008(Test the standard white calibration plate for 30 times to get the average value.)
  • Lighting /inspecting system
    • 8/d(8 degrees Falloff/diffuse reflection), SCI (include Flat mirror Light), SCE (eliminate Flat Mirror Light)
  • Light source
    • White light source
  • Inspection angle
    • 10 degrees Angle of view in CIE
  • Inspection conditions
    • D65, D50, F11
  • Easy to read
    • Easy to read, large graphical LCD display with 2.4'' colorful LCD screen.
  • Easy to connect with PC
    • Easy to connect with PC, humanity operation interface. Operating independently is also available.
  • Permits quick measurement
    • Permits quick measurement and comparison of two colors without need to create color tolerances or store data.
  • Multiple color
    • Multiple color standards can be collected under an identified project as part of color standards programs.
  • 3 kinds of light sources selection
    • Three kinds of light sources for selection, SCI and SCE mode switch and metamerism analysis meet different conditions and enable to determine the influence of the specular component.

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